Taipei, Taipei


Just at dinner tonight, I said to friends, “Now that I’m back in Taipei, I don’t ever want to leave!”

My declaration was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from the dinner party.  Naturally, because everyone’s living here by choice.  It’s the small things here that make life easier.  If i have to choose one thing that I love the most about living in Taipei, it has to be the convenience of the life style.  And what’s so convenient about living here?  Everything!

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So you want to move the family to Taiwan?


Just watching the facebook live broadcast of the Hong Kong protests, Yeah I would want to too.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends, acquaintances, or just followers on the blog about how to relocate the family to Taiwan. To be honest, for me it’s not a question of relocation, it’s more like homecoming.  I’m Taiwanese so I didn’t have to worry about getting a work visa or resident visa; I have residency, we have an apartment, I know my way around the city, and have a good network of support as well – I have a guy, or know a guy who knows a guy for every odd type of job there is.  So the only big decision was choosing the right school for the kids.

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Maxwell’s First Blog

Hi everyone this is my first blog! In this following blog, I will tell you all about my new school because I just moved to Taipei for the first two weeks. My mom told me to blog about it even though I don’t like blogging and I never tried it before. 

Anyways, my first fourteen days at this elementary school has been long and hard.  They are doing math my level, they are not doing English my level.  However,Chinese is a harder level, so I have to keep up on both.  What I’m trying to say is that its been hard on the Chinese but easy on the English and normal on the math.   In the first day of the second week, I passed the English test, so  I have to sit down and read an English book in English class.  Talking about books, where I go every recess is to see Ashley (my younger sister) or to the library which is often sometimes where I see her when we are bored, we go into this section in the library where you have to take your socks off, then we have a competition on who can slide on the floor the farthest. 

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Oh Hi there! We’re back!

Dear Blog,

I can explain.  I know it’s been a while since I blogged or posted anything, but I have a few very good reasons.  So, just hear me out…

I gave birth.

Yeah, so shortly after my last post… a month to be exact.  I found out that I was pregnant with no. 3.  So I was busy being pregnant, working and mothering.  And then I gave birth, and life with 3 kids and a full time job was even more hectic.

I change jobs and moved.

I had a career change.  I knew I was ready for a change after my last maternity leave.  I knew I wanted to work in tech but in what capacity?  An opportunity to return to Taipei came up and I jumped at the chance.  It meant relocation but we were talking about it for so long, it is finally happening!  And so, three years and 1 kid later, I’m back in Taiwan, working in tech, and the kids are settling into a brand new life.  All is good except for one minor detail – the husband is not here with us.  He’s going to be commuting back to Taiwan on weekends while based in Hong Kong for his job.  It sucks I know.  But sometimes when life gives you lemons, you make lemonades.

The kids have switched schools

One of the key drivers for moving back to Taiwan is for my children’s education.  In Hong Kong, my eldest went to an international school, while the second went to a local school.  We wanted a good mix of bilingual education and weren’t getting it from the private school and obviously not the local school.  Taiwan seems like a great option.  I purposely picked a school in our school district that touts its English education in the curriculum.  I’m happy to share that both Max and Ashley will be in the same school, same campus for the first time ever.  I purposely enrolled them in the local schools because I truly believe that this is the best way to learn Mandarin, adapt to a new culture and, did I mention the cost?  Oh yeah, it’s free.  What I’ll be paying for is the after school programs that they will attend after school ends at 1pm for the 1st grader, and 3 for the 4th grader.  School starts this Friday.  I’m excited.  They are scared.

So there you have it!  3 really good reasons for not posting for 3 years.  But don’t worry.  I will try to post more often now.  I’ve even enlisted the help of a 4th grader who will be sharing his journey in a new school with us.  In exchange for blogging, he can have some video game time.  His sister will get some too, as soon as she learns to write and type.

We want to share this blog with our friends and family from near and afar who want to check in on us once in a while to see how we’re doing.  Most importantly, this blog will document the days that we’re not living under the same roof as daddy.

This truly is our love letter to him.  Thank you for making the sacrifice for the family.


Mommy, no. 1, 2, and 3

T博客系列: 我的小媽寶 My little Mama’s Boy




但是這就奇怪了,攸關自己演藝事業的重要大事,為何還要請請爸爸出來幫你談?你說他是小孩子嗎?其實二十四歲,是個成年人了。如果都成年了,為何還要請爸媽出面,幫他解決事情?可能是習慣使然,就是不管出了事,爸媽會挺身而出,幫孩子排除萬難,讓他們前面的路平平順順。當然,王大陸在經紀公司這幾年發生的事情,如果有受到委屈,當事人不講,外界也不得而知,可是合約精神不就是這樣?用一張紙約束雙方,for better or worse,我們就是命運共合體,藝人不能事業一不順遂,就想要離開公司,經紀人也不能因為花了太多錢捧這個藝人,可是他怎麼樣都不紅,就請他快點滾!如果是這樣的話,那還要簽那張合約幹嘛?

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Merry Christmas to All!



Last Christmas Eve, I ran home and out of the blue wrote a column that my friend Michael had been encouraging me to write.  After finishing it, I sent to him and asked for some suggestions and constructive criticisms.  He said, “Great, I’ll publish it in 1 hour”.  I replied frantically, “No, no, no!  It’s not ready yet.  I’m not ready yet.”  Michael told me, “you will be ready when it goes on line.  Otherwise, you will never be ready”.

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Dear Blog, I can explain….



I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and written anything.  The truth is, October was extremely hectic and stressful for me.  The bad news is, I had to deal with a health scare of a close family member.  I’ve had to travel back and forth between Taipei and Hong Kong.  The good news is that she’s fully recovered and we’re so thankful that she’s okay.

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