Maxwell’s First Blog

Hi everyone this is my first blog! In this following blog, I will tell you all about my new school because I just moved to Taipei for the first two weeks. My mom told me to blog about it even though I don’t like blogging and I never tried it before. 

Anyways, my first fourteen days at this elementary school has been long and hard.  They are doing math my level, they are not doing English my level.  However,Chinese is a harder level, so I have to keep up on both.  What I’m trying to say is that its been hard on the Chinese but easy on the English and normal on the math.   In the first day of the second week, I passed the English test, so  I have to sit down and read an English book in English class.  Talking about books, where I go every recess is to see Ashley (my younger sister) or to the library which is often sometimes where I see her when we are bored, we go into this section in the library where you have to take your socks off, then we have a competition on who can slide on the floor the farthest. 

Reading a book in the library

The most interesting book I have read in the library is a book called “Holes” by Lois Sachar which won a Newberry award.  It is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is wrongfully imprisoned in a juvenile correction camp called camp green lake, where they make boys dig holes five feet deep and five feet wide everyday.  It is a chapter book with no pictures.  It is actually the first book I finished reading without pictures because I thought a book with no pictures was boring, but no, this book you can actually visualize what the author is try to describe.  I obviously recommend it.

My classmate help me with a homework

Now, about the people there.  My teacher is really nice and she just had a baby.  In this new local school, everything is different because it is a local school.  Before I moved to Taipei, I went to an international school in Hong Kong.  However, in this new school, we have much more responsibilities.  For example  the teacher assigns jobs like mopping, cleaning the windows, sweeping the flooring and dusting the blackboard etc…  My classmates are very kind and always helping me out with words.  If I forget my homework, I just ask a friend then “boom!” I remember my homework.  So far I’m adjusting to this new school pretty well… except for the cockroaches.


(Written by Maxwell with a little coercion and help from mommy on punctuation)


measuring weight and height at school
Mommy came to school for a sharing session. This is my classroom

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