Dear Blog, I can explain….



I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and written anything.  The truth is, October was extremely hectic and stressful for me.  The bad news is, I had to deal with a health scare of a close family member.  I’ve had to travel back and forth between Taipei and Hong Kong.  The good news is that she’s fully recovered and we’re so thankful that she’s okay.

There were days I felt just like a zombie (how appropriate my son’s Halloween costume this year is a zombie as seen above) shuffling between home, work, traveling and making decisions.  It just couldn’t have gotten any busier because of Max’s birthday, Halloween, and Leonardo Di Caprio’s Macau casino trip.  Oh and I also started the weekly Japanese class that I’ve been looking forward to.  It was honestly exhausting.  I couldn’t wait for October to be over.

November is starting off on a good note.  Looking forward to posting and writing more on the blog from now until the end of the year!

好久沒有寫新文章了!  一從紐約回來之後,十月忙翻了!  主要是因為家人的健康因素,讓我香港台北兩地奔波,再加上十月是小麥生日,萬聖節,李奧納多還來參一腳,有時候感覺就像行屍走肉一般 (這麼剛好今年兒子萬聖節打扮成殭屍,見圖),每天上班,回家,監督小朋友做功課,處理一大拖拉庫家務事!  再加上我期待已久的日文課也在十月中開課了,每天嚴重睡眠不足再加上精神壓力大,真的是苦不堪言!

不過,不幸中的大幸是,家人的健康已經慢慢恢復,好像之前在我頭頂的烏雲密佈也逐漸散去!  希望到年底之前,會盡量多po 點文,不讓部落格都快長草出來!





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