Off to Vietnam We Go! 出發!越南去!


It was the trip that we have been planning for weeks – 8 families plus 17 kids.  Never mind the kids, I was super excited and SO ready for some sun, fun, beach, pool and plenty of pho!  Destination is Danang, a port city that sits on the South Central Coast of Vietnam.  Flight time from Hong Kong to Danang is only 1 hour and 40 minutes.  A short hop away and then this is what awaits – the perfect beach vacation.

計劃已久的復活節家庭旅遊終於要登場了!   因為有一對夫妻好友熱衷往峴港跑,去了兩次之後,也號召其他家庭一起參加他們的復活節旅行。最後揪一揪總共揪到了八個家庭,其中包含十七個小朋友一起出發。  不要說小孩子了,大人們都超級期待這次的旅行,我超級需要陽光,海灘,還有吃到飽的越南河粉。 峴港飛到香港需要坐兩個鐘頭不到的飛機,之後就可以盡心欣賞這樣風景…


life is good, isn’t it?   人生夫復何求?

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