My First Trip to Turkey 土耳其初體驗


想要到土耳其很久了,但是久久沒有成行,因為溫尢堅持那邊很危險! 我跟來自科索沃的攝影老大講到這,他嗤之以鼻,非常的不以為然,但是問他可能不準,因為他老兄是從科索沃土生土長,哪可能覺得區區土耳其會危險?不過看他那經歷風霜的臉就知道,人家可能是在戰火中長大的,所以知道我要去伊斯坦堡,攝影老大說只要小心那邊的男人,我會玩的非常開心,真是說的一點也沒錯! 在坎城影展結束後的第一天,我從尼斯飛到伊斯坦堡,準備來個土耳其初體驗!

After Cannes, I made a two day stop over to Turkey.  I’ve heard so many good things about it and have been wanting to go, but SOMEBODY stopped me because he deemed Turkey “too dangerous” to visit.  Since I bought my ticket to Cannes on Turkish Airline, a stop over in Istanbul was inevitable.  However, it didn’t stop the old man from worrying.  He insisted I took off my wedding band and engagement ring before leaving.  I don’t think my husband’s intention was to make me feel single again, but I was basking in attentions from Turkish men who were trying to grab a piece of me or my money.  Either way, I was thoroughly enjoying myself in this ancient, exotic and amazing city.

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