Plates, Bowls, Dishes Galore in Wanchai! 灣仔無名小鋪的驚喜


If you’re a budget conscious shopper like me, I know you get quiet a thrill when you come across these small hidden gems, tucked away from the bustle and hustle of Hong Kong.  On my way to get Vietnam visa for our upcoming vacation, I stumbled across this hole-in-the-wall pop up store on Wanchai street.  I was ecstatic because  A.  I’ve been thinking about getting a new set of dinnerware, bowls, and serving plates, but didn’t want to go to Ikea because the selection there is really lacking.  B. I didn’t want to pay over-the-top prices, because let’s face it, living in Hong Kong, what is NOT over-the-top $$$?

I remember buying from a similiar shop like this also in Wanchai a few years ago, but it disappeared a few days later.  So I could hardly contain my excitement when I found this one.  Let’s go and take a look, shall we? Continue reading