Born in Taiwan, raised in the US, and resides in Hong Kong, “Dear Taipei, Love Hong Kong” is a working mother of two in the media industry. Her previous experiences include film publicist, broadcasting journalist, and entertainment news presenter.  A fervent believer that wine is the key to great parenting, her passions include film, music, fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, and above all, her family.

台灣生長,美國長大,現居香港,『台北情書』是兩個孩子的全職記者媽媽。曾任職電影公司公關,電視台編輯,以及娛樂新聞主播。興趣涵括親子,電影,時尚,音樂,美食以及旅遊。生活的座右銘是work hard, play hard,更是一位每晚準時八點鐘把兩個小孩哄上床,立刻幫自己倒杯紅酒的快樂媽媽。

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聯絡方式: deartaipeilovehongkong@gmaiil.com

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