The Thing About Press Junkets… 電影專訪隨意談… 


WATCH IT HERE Cara Delevingne Awakward Interview

Did you see that interview British model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne did with a Sacarmento morning show to promote her new film “Paper Towns”?  If you haven’t, click on the link above and watch the uber awkward interview.  I think the whole interview began on the wrong foot when the anchor called her “CARLA”!  No!!! It’s CARA!!!  The questions were patronising and condescending.  I think the high octane and high energy of the morning show just did NOT mesh well with Cara Delevingne’s personality or mood.  She began her answers with a really sarcastic reply and then continued on with a very monotoned or expressionless delivery.  Both parties were not at their best but I thought that it was really unprofessional of the anchors to make fun of their guest after the satellite feed ended.  That was just plain rude.

昨天網路上面流傳英國名模卡拉跟美國晨間新聞做連線訪問的畫面,因為主播一開始就把卡拉名字叫錯,又問了一連串相當不客氣的問題,惹得卡拉面露不悅,先是給了一個非常諷刺的回答,然後用面無表情的回覆主播,接著整個訪問就荒腔走板,主播話中帶刺的問卡拉是不是沒睡飽?  卡拉也不甘示弱的回說,不是,是你的問題! 哇!雙方的火力都超猛的,而且這還是一個LIVE 的電視節目!  還沒看過的可以點上面的聯結去看看!

Rosie-Perez-and-Raven-Symone-the-view The hosts of “The View” on Cara Delevingne

The interview went viral and sparked a lot of discussion.  This is video of the hosts of the “VIEW” talking about it, and I LOVED Whoopi Goldberg’s take on the whole thing.  The link is above. 然後另一個美國的談話性節目”The VIew”也跳下來批評,不過他們批評的不是主持人,而是卡拉的表現。  我超愛主持人琥碧戈柏的回應,聯結在上面!

I’ve covered movie junkets for the last 10 years, this is my take on it….  跑過了無數個Junket,我倒覺得….


So I’ve had done my fair share of press junkets from both sides of the fence.  I was a publicist coordinating logistics of it, and now I’m a reporter sitting opposite from talents and asking questions about their latest film.  The first junket that I ever went on was “The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” in  2005.  It was at a location 1 hour outside of London where James McAvoy played a half-man half-goat character and I just didn’t pay enough attention to him, a decision that I would later regret deeply, but I digress.

i have lost count of number of junkets that I covered.  If you ask me, I would agree with Whoopi Goldberg and say that it’s a privilege to be doing what they do.  You’ve beat out stiff competition to get the role, you’ve finally finished filming and sitting comfortably in a chair talking about your latest work.  Not everyone gets this kind of opportunity.  If you know you’re going on a live morning show, you better be drinking that double shot of expresso or red bull like the anchors suggested BEFORE taking on the questions.

I interviewed Emma Watson on a Harry Potter film, and I was her last interview of the day.  I walked in, and there are several cups of ice coffee on a table next to her.  I said, “Wow! you must be exhausted from doing interviews all day”  She took a sip of that coffee and then put it down, “It’s fine!  Let’s do this”  And then answered my questions with a big smile. Angelina Jolie doesn’t have a publicist but she knows exactly what media outlet she’s speaking to.  Obviously what you’re going to say to Vogue Magazine is different from what you’re going to say to the reporter of “Horses and Hounds”.  It’s part of your job.

The same goes for me.  It’s such a privilege to be invited to fly to a location, to be the first group of people to watch the film, and then sit down with the directors/cast the next day to talk about the movie/role.  Sure, there are films that I didn’t enjoy or I might be jet legged during the interview.  However, when you walk into the room, you have 5 minutes to do your dance, get the talents excited and give you a different answer to the question that they’ve answered 300 times.  It’s all part of the job.


我從2005年開始跑我第一個 junket,我記得那一部電影是『納尼亞首部曲』。 千里迢迢的飛去一個鳥不拉屎的倫敦郊區豪華大飯店進行訪問。  看電影時,我累的快睡著,訪問時,我沒好好把握跟James McAvoy 的時間,不過他那時還相當不起眼,演了個半人半羊的角色!

跑過的junket 有幾個,我已經不記得了! 如果你問我的話,我會覺得一個演員的本分,就是要好好的做好訪問宣傳電影,因為能夠打敗強烈的競爭對手拿到一個角色不易,成功拍完電影不易,可以坐在那個椅子上暢談你的新作也不容易,都已經知道要做live了,怎麼還不好好打起精神的來回答記者的問題呢?

在宣傳哈利波特電影的時候,我訪問艾瑪華特森,我是她當天最後一個訪問。而可能她那天已經從早上八點做訪問做到下午四點半。  我一走進房間,看到她旁邊桌子上有好多杯冰咖啡,我說『你一定累壞了吧?』她喝了一口咖啡,放下杯子說『沒關係,來吧! 我們開始』,接下來,微笑地回答我的問題! 安潔莉娜裘莉自己沒有請宣傳公關,但是她會親自過濾接受媒體名單,也非常清楚地知道每個媒體的觀眾群和特質是什麼。 因為如果你要跟時尚雜誌記者聊天,給的答案當然要跟給電影網站的記者不同。  這是演員的工作之一,去宣傳自己的作品。  所以如果卡拉知道自己要上一個晨間新聞節目,你再累都應該要先喝三杯蠻牛再上!

記者也是一樣,這是一個多難得的機會,可以成為第一批看到電影的人,還可以在第二天,跟導演或者是演員們暢談電影的幕後花絮。  有時候看到不喜歡的電影,又或者是在看片或者是訪問當天,時差很嚴重,超沒精神的,但是當你一走進房間的時候,你有五分鐘的時間跟導演/演員混熟,把他們逗到笑得花枝亂顫,然後要請他們開開心心的回答一個被問過八百次的問題。  這! 也是我的工作!


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