Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

photo 1-7   This is from the first show of the Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 opened today on July 6th The fashion show, “Fashionally Collection #4” features young, budding designers who were past winners or finalists from the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest. After the show, I spoke to three designers and asked them about their inspirations for the collection.

每年都舉辦兩次的香港時尚週在七月六號登場!  第一場秀是由十位新世代設計師秀出最新collection 的款式,有些是設計感必較多,有些是比較戲劇性地呈現,我在香港看的秀不多,但是每次看了之後,我都覺得,其實香港辦秀的能力有在慢慢進步,當然不比一些其它時尚重鎮的季節大秀,像是巴黎,米蘭或者是紐約,但是秀出當地設計新秀的作品,更讓我可以貼近的瞭解一下現在年輕人的審美觀。

photo 4-2 photo 3-5 Jessica Lau and Walter Kong from the Blind by JW label said that they always draw inspirations from fairy tales that are known around the world, or stories they make up.  The inspiration of this collection is a bit of both.  Jessica Lau said,”it’s about the Nutcracker.  We have a slight twist.  It’s like a mysterious world, the swan being in a space ship, carrying the Nutcracker to a candy world, trying to find his true love”.  Whhhaaat?  well that explained the head pieces the models wore.  They were reminiscents of space helmets.

BLIND by JW 是一對香港設計師雙人組合,設計師說,他們這季的靈感來源,來自於『胡桃鉗』,但是是被送上太空,要去尋找真愛的胡桃鉗。

photo-8 photo 2-6 Chloe Sung’s collection were in black and white.  She was inspired by the brushes and strokes of Chinese calligraphy.

另外一位美女設計師,Chloe Sung 則是說設計靈感來源來自於中國的水墨畫。

Here are some more snap shots from the show!


photo 4-3 photo 3-4 photo 2-7 photo 1-6

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