Sushi is What’s for Dinner! 壽司晚餐自己來


不知道為何小朋友們聽到晚上要吃壽司,就會興奮地大喊”sushi sushi”.  今天我除了想做壽司之外,也想試做加州捲給我老公吃.  先從小朋友的開始著手

I have no idea why the kids love them but every time when I tell them sushi is what’s for dinner, they jump up and down in excitement and shout “sushi, sushi” in unison.  Tonight, in addition to making sushi, I also wanted to attempt to make california rolls for hubby.


小朋友的壽司裡面有煎蛋,蟹棒,酪梨,和黃瓜.  The kids sushi has pan fried egg, crab stick, avocado, and cucumber.




California roll is basically the same, just have to flip the sew weed paper with rice the other way around, rice on the outside, put the ingredients in, and then roll with it.



捲好之後只要灑上小魚卵就大功告成.  其實只要把材料準備好,做起來真是一點都不費工夫.  唯一比較困難的地方是切加州卷,本來都已經卷好,切下去的時候有點鬆掉,下次作的時候,可以試試看用保鮮膜包起來再切,也許形狀會好點.  不過小朋友跟老公都胃口大開,讚不絕口.

After its rolled, sprinkle tobiko on it, and then we’re done.  The only difficult part was to cut the california rolls.  They came apart a little when the knife went down.  Next time I will try wrapping it in plastic wrap and then cut it to retain the shape better.  Regardless, quick and easy meal in 30 minutes.  The kids and the husband all loved it!





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