“Thor” in Macau

Sunday night (1/18) in Macau.  Chris Hemsworth shows up to collect the award for Best Global Actor from the Huading Awards.  I’ve covered it for a few years but I can never figure out, well, maybe I have an idea, how the winners are selected.  So Hemsworth seemed like a good candidate because he’s a rising star who has been promoting the new Michael Mann film “Blackhat”.

I like how he’s not taken back by the amount of microphones that surrounds him and just answers the question with an ease and a big smile.  After all, he IS Thor.


Naomi Watts was at Macau on Sunday night as well, looking radiant in a fuchsia gown, paired with Bulgari jewlery.  Who’s that guy standing next to her, you ask?  It’s a sponsor of the award ceremony.

Only in Macau/China.


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