Cannes Diary: The Day Before Opening 坎城日記:開幕的前一天

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要出發去坎城的那一天,我早上一醒來第一個念頭是『好不想去喔!』 不想離開小朋友那麼久,不想那麼累,不想每天工作超過十六個小時,其中包括跟同事鬼混的時間,但是行李打包好,跟兩個小鬼頭親吻道別,我上路了!

I woke up the day that I’m set to leave for Cannes thinking, “Oh sh*t! I don’t want to go”. It’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s just that I’m sad to leave the kids behind. But my bags are packed and I have a plane to catch. I kissed the two rascals good bye, and off I went!

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The Eats of Vietnam 越南覓食記錄


This is arguably one of my favorite things to eat in the world –  Pho Bo – Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup.  My love affair with it began in college and I’ve been hooked ever since.  There’s something about slurping down a spoonful of rich, savory beef broth, paired with flat, soft rice noodles, and then add a mouthful of fragrant herbs like basil, spring onions, bean sprouts, mint, and cilantro to the mix.  Oh! and who can forget the squeezed lime as the finishing touch.  It’s heavenly.  Even though I’ve been told that Danang is not a town famous for its pho but one MUST venture out and try how the locals like their pho when in Vietnam, right?

越南牛肉河粉可以算是我最喜歡吃的麵食之一。如果臨死之前,有人問我說要吃台灣牛肉麵還是吃越南河粉?  基於愛國的精神,我可能被迫選擇牛肉麵,但是都要死了,應該可以不用管愛不愛國,所以我會選越南河粉。  去過峴港的識途老馬說,峴港的越南河粉比起其它地區而言沒有那麼出色,但是已經到了越南,還是要出去探險,嚐嚐看當地人喜歡的味道,跟我們在香港或是台灣吃到的有什麼不一樣 Continue reading

Off to Vietnam We Go! 出發!越南去!


It was the trip that we have been planning for weeks – 8 families plus 17 kids.  Never mind the kids, I was super excited and SO ready for some sun, fun, beach, pool and plenty of pho!  Destination is Danang, a port city that sits on the South Central Coast of Vietnam.  Flight time from Hong Kong to Danang is only 1 hour and 40 minutes.  A short hop away and then this is what awaits – the perfect beach vacation.

計劃已久的復活節家庭旅遊終於要登場了!   因為有一對夫妻好友熱衷往峴港跑,去了兩次之後,也號召其他家庭一起參加他們的復活節旅行。最後揪一揪總共揪到了八個家庭,其中包含十七個小朋友一起出發。  不要說小孩子了,大人們都超級期待這次的旅行,我超級需要陽光,海灘,還有吃到飽的越南河粉。 峴港飛到香港需要坐兩個鐘頭不到的飛機,之後就可以盡心欣賞這樣風景…


life is good, isn’t it?   人生夫復何求?

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如果要用一個字來形容2014年的香港社會. 我會選”怒”.

香港人的憤怒,天天在地鐵,小巴(小型巴士)跟馬路上演. 他們憤怒內地同胞來這裡搶地,搶奶粉和搶工作. 這種憤怒是包含著對政府不信任,對未來沒有信心,再加上對於現況種種不滿. 在外在的表現,除了冷漠,不關心,更有一種”別妨礙我”的心態. Continue reading