A hidden Michelin Star in Wanchai 米其林一星的甘牌燒鵝


想要吃甘牌燒鵝很久了!  因為聽說鏞記每況愈下,一樂燒鵝服務態度太惡劣,現在想吃燒鵝,反而不知道要去哪裡! 背負著鏞記第三代出來創業,去年又摘下米其林一星,排隊人潮到現在還挺多的,雖然這家離我辦公室不遠,但卻從沒踏足進去過,但上禮拜的一天,我想下午兩點鐘,人潮應該散去了吧?  大錯特錯!

Whenever I have guests in town, I love taking them to eat roast goose.  However, where to take them for that juicy tender meat has become a real problem lately.  Yung Kee is a tourist trap, Yat Luk’s staff is horrendously rude, I simply ran out of options.  I’ve always wanted to try Kam’s Roose Goose in Wanchai, owned by the second son from the Yung Kee family who left to start his own business.  Last year, it received a Michelin star and the crowd in front of the shop just hasn’t gone away.  It’s near my office but I’ve never been.  So one day last week, I thought there should be no more lining up by 2pm, I was dead wrong.

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