Cannes Diary: The Day Before Opening 坎城日記:開幕的前一天

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要出發去坎城的那一天,我早上一醒來第一個念頭是『好不想去喔!』 不想離開小朋友那麼久,不想那麼累,不想每天工作超過十六個小時,其中包括跟同事鬼混的時間,但是行李打包好,跟兩個小鬼頭親吻道別,我上路了!

I woke up the day that I’m set to leave for Cannes thinking, “Oh sh*t! I don’t want to go”. It’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s just that I’m sad to leave the kids behind. But my bags are packed and I have a plane to catch. I kissed the two rascals good bye, and off I went!

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這次選的是土耳其航空,原本買機票的時候還有點擔心飛行安危,但是一上飛機看到機艙內全新的設備,真是要給它一個“like”! 飛行轉機,再加上來回機場,總共二十個小時之後,我終於到達目的地!風光明媚的南法 坎城 Cannes!


I had some apprehensions about flying Turkish Airline but when I got on the plane, I was thoroughly impressed. It was a brand new airplane and I LOVED sitting in the first row with no one else sitting next to me. How did I get so lucky?! After a 3 hour transit in Istanbul, 20 hours after I left my house, here I am! Bon Jour Cannes! This year is the hottest that I’ve ever seen Cannes. Usually I’m freezing half the time while I’m here but not this year! The sun is out, and it’s hot, and the beach is crowded with sun worshippers trying to get their tan on.







在開幕前一天,這小鎮已經開始熱鬧起來,影展海報處處皆是,而著名的Carlton 飯店外觀,通常也都是掛著好萊塢片商撒錢不遺餘力,最強力主打的新片,今年包括有 Mad Max 瘋狂麥斯:憤怒到,最新的魔鬼終結者電影,就連史努比也來參一角!

It’s the day before the film festival, and this other wise quiet little town is gearing up for its biggest event of the year. Outside the famous Carlton Hotel, movie posters are up, and usually it’s the big Hollywood studio films that have the budget to promote themseleves.







已故瑞典女星英格麗褒曼面帶微笑,凝視著遠方的照片配上簡單的白底藍字是今年海報的設計主軸。 This year’s poster, features a photo of the late legendary actress Ingrid Bergman, is ubiquitous. You can not turn a corner, and not see this poster. However, the biggest display, is on the Main Palais, the hall where the presss conference, screenings, conventions happen.





Of course what concerns me the most is the place to call home for the next 2 weeks. This year, we’re based unusually far from the Main Palais, and I joked to my colleagues that if I was in HK, I would take a taxi. However, once you actually get there, the living room has a view to die far!




The day before the opening is filled with anticipation of what’s about to come. My colleagues are running around trying to confirm the last details of the interview schedules for the next two weeks. My job was to run to the supermarket to do the grocery run. At night, I met up with colleagues who flew in from London, Paris, LA, and NY for a late night dinner. We’re here, geared up, set, and ready to see whatever Cannes has in store for us~

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