MM’s First School Interview 妹妹的面試初體驗



Yesterday was MM’s first and only school interview and when i say school, I mean pre-nursery.  This is the only school that I applied for her.  I guess it’s because I’m pretty confident she’ll get in because her brother went there.  Also if she doesn’t get in, I thought i’ll just keep her at home for another year.  I’m sure the helpers would enjoy having her around…I think. MM picked out what she wanted the wear for the interview herself, and the shoes to go with.  She’s usually pretty quiet in a new environment and didn’t say much.  Yesterday was no different.  The only word she said the whole time she was there was “Thank you”.  It was more like a whisper but she did say it and I was relieved.  She did, however, waved bye to the teachers as we walked out. We’ll find out the result next week. For some reason, it’s extra emotional for mommy to see her little girl all grown up and ready for school.  I guess because she’s probably my last child.  Sniff sniff…

昨天帶妹妹去她第一次的學校面試.  可能是因為這是哥哥的舊學校,她幾乎是十拿九穩可以入學,所以我非常輕鬆,完全是以回娘家的心態進去學校的.  不僅非常輕鬆,根本有點心不在焉的,把時間看錯,遲到了半個小時才到.  但是看到很多熟悉的老師,真的非常開心.  老師們也不斷地打量妹妹,說她跟哥哥長得一模一樣. 在面試時,老師也沒問妹妹幾句,只顧著跟媽媽聊天.  妹妹全程只開了金口一次,就是要離開時跟老師說”謝謝”  不過她說了之後,我還真鬆了口氣. 昨天的心情是有點複雜,一方面開心看見之前非常照顧哥哥的老師們,跟她們報告哥哥的近況跟秀照片.  另外一方面看著妹妹小不點大的身影,也很感慨她已經這麼大了.  很有意見的自己挑選衣服跟鞋子.  妹妹可不可以不要那麼快長大?

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