Johnny Depp Was Attacked by WHAT?! 強哥現身!


休息了一天之後,強哥精神氣爽的出現在補辦的記者會(1/28).  天王今天心情特好!  而且一開始還沒走上台前,就先跟坐在底下,熟悉的日本記者朋友來個擁抱或握手!  然後在台上,先跟所有人為昨天道歉,說自己是感冒還未痊愈,可是真正缺席的原因是,

“我昨天被一種罕見的動物叫做‘chupucabra‘ 攻擊.  我跟牠們搏鬥數小時.  牠們很猛和兇狠.  我想牠們是從我行李箱爬出來的.  我把牠從23樓丟了下去,我想我們不會再看到牠了“  惹得記者哈哈大笑.

我還特地去查了下字典,chupucabra 是什麼鬼東西?!  維基說是一種疑似存在中南美洲的一種吸血動物.  WHAT?!  總之強哥今天龍心大悅,在台上擠眉弄眼,極盡搞笑,把日本人逗的超開心.  昨天的那筆賬,就一筆勾銷了吧.

After being “unwell” yesterday, Johnny Depp shows up at the reschedule press event in Tokyo today, and smiling from ear to ear.  Depp began by apologizing for canceling the day before and offered a rather unusual reason for canceling,

“I was at the tail end of a cold or flu…but that’s not the reason I wasn’t here…. I was attacked yesterday morning by a very rarely seen or experienced animal called ‘Chupacabra’… I fought with it for hours.  They’re very persistent, very mean… And i”m pretty sure it came into my suitcase….I threw him off the 23rd floor….So we’ll never see him again”.

Okay….  What the heck is a chupacabra?!  I had to look it up.  Allegedly, they’re blood sucking animals in Central or South America.   He is SO WEIRD yet still SO HOT at 51.


Anyway, Depp was in an awful good mood today, goofing around and being a complete clown.  The Japanese reporters laughed from beginning to end.  Yesterday was all forgotten, and they totally loved him all over again.

Who wouldn’t?!

This is a drawing of a chupacabra, in case you’re wondering


(source: wikipedia)

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